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Looking for part-time staff!!

DJ & MUSIC BAR POPINN.GINZA in Ginza is a gathering spot for music lovers and is also known as a hideout for Tokyo's famous DJs .

We are currently looking for new staff to help us liven up our store.

It's a workplace where you can have fun and get along well with the crew who love music and alcohol

Training support is also provided, so even beginner bartenders can work from scratch with peace of mind.

If you love music and alcohol, please feel free to contact us!

Hair style/hair color, nails, tattoos, piercings, and double work are also OK.
Those who concurrently work part-time, those who are concerned about shifts due to school, etc., and those whose last train is early.

We also accept requests for starting work later or starting earlier.

From customer service such as seating guidance, ordering, and serving,

Bartending and cooking assistance. Accounting duties such as accounting and cash register management,

We are also looking for manager candidates who can run the store with us!

(*We apologize for the inconvenience, but once we reach the number of applicants , we will stop recruiting .)

Part-time staff recruitment details

【job description】

Bartender / Hall staff / Cooking staff

[Hourly wage ]

[Hourly wage/1,150 yen~] Late-night pay increases available / Determined based on experience and ability / (Training period included)


Business hours / Sunday - Thursday 19:00 - 24:00 / Friday and Saturday 19:00 - 29:00 (No regular holidays)

* It will be a monthly shift system! Since there are no fixed shifts, it is possible to start work later or start work earlier. Those who work in double positions can also work flexibly ! Please feel free to contact us regarding working hours and days of the week. We give priority to hiring people who can work long-term.


TEL: 03-6271-0785 MAIL:

(19:00 - 24:00) We will respond by email outside of business hours.

Please feel free to contact us. Person in charge: Sugiyama

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